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To reflect the newest changes in data protection law and in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have updated our Privacy Policy effective from 25 May 2018, if you'd like to read it click here: policy.pdf


For those of you who still don’t know our sites, they have over 6000 exercises for language teachers and learners, over 2500 of which are listening comprehensions using native speakers.They also include exercises for the interactive whiteboard, Powerpoint presentations, games and pronunciation sections.

Between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm (your time), there is a 12 month registration fee  for ZUT of £50 each per school or £30 for private users. For Gut, the 12 month subscription is £48 per school, £30 for private users. The rest of the time, the sites are free. You will need a separate subscription per site.

Zut Junior (French for primary schools) requires a subscription of £24 per school.

Oye (for secondary Spanish) costs £30 for a 12 month whole school subscription. However, if you're already subscribed to Zut AND Gut, Oye is free!

Sut, our Welsh site, is still completely free.

Just click on the logo of the language you’re interested in.

Catherine Murphy (June 2021)



"A terrific site that contains plenty of online interactive activities organised by year group. Year 7 resources include an opportunity to listen to conversations about holidays and decide if they are true or false. The more difficult words are highlighted and may be selected for a translation. In addition to audio clips, there are wordsearches, crosswords, worksheets and other interesting resources. The site is free to use after 4pm and before 9am so it could be used as a homework resource, but a subscription is required for school use during the day."
Education Guardian.

23 Mar 2004

Shortlisted for "Best Online Learning Resource"

Shortlisted for "Best Online Learning Resource", BETT Awards

1 Jan 2004

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